About Coorg - People of Coorg

It is said about the Coorgs that “They are easier to love than to like.” The Kodavas are hospitable whose are always open to guests. Cosmopolitan in their outlook, they make friends with ease. Kodava texts do not speak much of their origins and so there is no one definite theory to prove it. However, according to one, the 2500 year-old civilization of the Kodavas has evolved from a synthesis of people that originally lived in the region of today's Oman & Yemen.

Coorg boasts of a diverse mix of people from various ethnicities. The various communities in Coorg are the Kodavas, Bhase, Gowdas, Devangas, Byari Muslims and Malayalis. There is also an assortment of tribes in Coorg like Yeravas, Kurubas, Airies and Kudiyas.

A very important fact to mention about the people of coorg is the presence of its people in the armed forces of India. Many eminent officials like Field Marshal K M Cariappa and General K S Thimmaiah hailed from this region.



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