Festivals of Coorg

The festivals in Coorg are steeped in tradition. Kailpodhu signifies the completion of "nati" - the transplantation of the rice (paddy) crop and the day when men should prepare to guard their crops from wild boars and other animals. This festival happens in the beginning of September.

Kaveri sankramana marks the emergence of goddess Cauvery and it is celebrated at Tala Cauvery where thousands converge to take a dip in the holy waters. This festival usually takes place during mid-October.

Puttari literally means “new rice” and it is the harvesting festivals in these parts. The family gathers in the “ain mana”(family house). The lady of the house (with a lamp in her hand) leads a procession to the fields where the head of the family starts the harvesting. These festivities can be witnessed during late November or early December.


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